Pokemon Go survey shows interest may have peaked

Thomas Wellburn
July 25, 2016

A recent Pokemon Go survey conducted by the insights division of Survey Monkey has revealed that public interest for the game has peaked in the United States.

The title recently broke the Apple App Store record for most downloads within a one week period, with Apple themselves expected to make an extra $3 billion in revenue from downloads alone.

The stats show a sharp rise from its initial release July 7th, where the augmented reality title hit a high of 25 million active users on July 12th. This carried on for a further three days until the interest saw a continual drop, with active users at roughly 22 million on July 20th. Admittedly, the decline has still been very small with only a 10 percent decline since release.

pokemon go survey

It’s a similar story for downloads, where the title hit a high of 6 million on launch day, dropping to just under 4 million the day after. It then steadily rose to around 6 million on July 12th, before declining rapidly once the install base had been reached. This is fairly normal for a mobile title and indicates a strong response from consumers to adopt the game at launch.

pokemon go survey

Organic search results mirror those shown above, with a steady rise from launch leading to a peak interest on July 12th, just as the game reached its last major download spike. This is normal and shows that the public interest from launch was a positive one, with people actively hunting out the title for tips and other information. It pretty much held the organic search results right through to July 18th, where they began a steady decline shortly after.

pokemon go survey

Pokemon Go survey shows a slow decline… but it’s still a huge success

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that mobile titles such as this usually take a significant amount of weeks before they reach peak popularity. For Pokemon Go to reach their peak audience so fast shows a pretty unprecedented response to the game; something that we haven’t really seen for any other mobile title thus far.

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