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Sean Frederick
August 31, 2018

After an extraordinary 2017 for the brand, OnePlus returns this year with a new smartphone, the OnePlus 6, less surprising, but always with the same desire: to offer the best smartphone possible at a suitable price. After the OnePlus 5 and 5 T that stood up to customer’s expectations, the Chinese manufacturers had to prove this year that they had to manufacture a phone least as well, if not better, in an ever more competitive market. So here we are, presenting you with the most legit oneplus 6t review with analysis on its specs and high-end features.

Shape & Design

From an aesthetic point of view, the OnePlus 6 is not a big revolution. In broad terms, we recognize the DNA of the brand, with its relatively streamlined design, but there are however some differences with the OnePlus 5T, starting with the discreet inscription “Designed by OnePlus” at the bottom of the back shell, showing the builder’s pride around its product, but also more curved lines that make the phone is slightly thicker (7.75 mm against 7.3). The hull is now made of glass (Gorilla Glass 5) and not aluminium. And do not forget the version “Mirror Black” that catches fingerprints very quickly. The other two versions, matte, are however irreproachable at this level, and we must admit that they are unanimous in the drafting. Surprisingly, it does not feel like having a glass in your hand and the feeling is rather pleasant.

Keypads & Sensors

In the sixth series of Oneplus mobile, other small keys have also been changed like the alert Slider which has now been transferred to the right side in order to avoid accidental tipping. The fingerprint sensor which was always at the back and the right height is now oblong. Also, the camera which is not adjusted vertically in the middle of the upper part of the back shell. It is slightly protruding which gives a knock-on effect to the phone when it is placed on a flat surface and that one presses on its edges.

Durability & Endurance

Finally, although it is not certified IP67 or IP68, OnePlus ensures that its smartphone is permeable to accidents. However, avoid swimming just like you avoid such activities with all other phones elsewhere. The front of the phone is mostly occupied by the screen, as is the case on most smartphones in 2018, with the notch, the famous “notch” that resembles that of the iPhone X less wide. There are the speaker, the camera and the light sensor.

Display & Colors

OnePlus comes built-in with Full HD definition of (2280 x 1080 pixels) which remains sufficient even on a diagonal surface. The fineness of display is good and the font of OnePlus fits perfectly. The slab is also very good, with a maximum brightness reaching 700 cd / m² under our probe which is excellent and allows seamless experience even in direct sunlight. However, it is necessary to activate the automatic brightness which slightly fails to balance the light requirements in general. Apart from this, the OnePlus 6 covers a very wide range of colours, with an average colour temperature of around 7700 K, which indicates a tendency towards blue. As is the case on most smartphones now, however, we can calibrate the screen to choose to stick to the standard DCI-P3, or simply to adjust the colour temperature to his liking.

Operating System

The OnePlus 6 is currently running Oxygen OS 5.1.2, the manufacturer’s home-based interface based on Android 8.1 Oreo. The whole is accompanied by the security patch of May. It could not be more up to date, especially since it is already eligible for the beta of Android P. This last point is also very reassuring about future updates to come. For mobile freak out there, you better know that this is probably one of the best versions of Android that you can find. OnePlus is committed to providing an experience very similar to that thought by Google, plus all the small features that we could expect from an alternative launcher, or almost. The interface is also perfectly designed for one-handed use on the big screen. Only downside: all applications are not and sometimes you have to use your second hand to get items at the top.

System Configuration

The OnePlus 6 is available in various configurations. In all cases, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and LPDDR4x RAM, but the model to 519 embeds 6 GB of RAM, against 8 GB for the other two. In our case, the tests were performed with an 8 GB version. We had already met the Snapdragon 845 in the Xperia XZ2 and the Mi MIX 2s, so it’s not a surprise: it is the best processor currently available on the market. In everyday life, the OnePlus 6 does not suffer any hiccups, goes from one application to another without flinching and loads everything very quickly. Even in difficult conditions, it is impossible to put him on his knees and the greediest games, it displays a nice frame rate oscillating between 52 and 60 FPS in the most frantic moments.

Sound Quality

On the OnePlus 5 and 5 T, the sound was a little disappointment … and this is apparently not the point that concerns the most brand. We always have the same mono speaker stuck on the lower edge, stack where the palm of the hand sticks when you hold the phone firmly to the horizontal. Try pushing the volume all the way in and your ears will quickly call you to order. The bass lack of power, the mediums are distorted and acute nasals. Even the headphones, the sound is less powerful than a OnePlus 5, although it remains largely sufficient (I think I have never pushed the OP5 to the maximum helmet). The quality is however at the rendezvous and we find a much more pleasant experience. Boom boom fans may find that the original settings lack a bit of bass, but a little trick in the settings allows you to adjust this with a shot of a spoon to go through presets or manipulating the equalizer at his convenience.

Camera Performance

So it’s the 16-megapixel sensor that takes precedence here. And you have to admit, it’s not the best. The result is satisfactory, without more. In broad daylight, we get shots that look very good on the phone screen, with a soft bokeh, but that does not seem artificial. The colours are impressive, the balance of brightness and contrasts is good, even against the light.

Daylight vs. Nighttime

Indoors, it struggles a bit more to handle the strong dynamics and we can get burned areas, with always this problem of sluggish pixels that degrade the effects of shadow. This is especially noticeable when the scene is lit only with artificial lights. Trying to freeze a moving target is a challenge.

At night, the colour balance turns yellow and bright lights can quickly become a problem, as can moving things. However, the dive does not show too much loss compared to the result in broad daylight. The colours always overflow, but not to excess. We are far from a Galaxy S9 or a P20 Pro, but it is not the same budget.

For the front camera, OnePlus has opted for the same sensor as the 5T, but with additional electronic stabilization. We, therefore, have an improved fineness and a good colour balance, but the dynamics remain behind. A selfie in broad daylight is a white sky burnt almost every time.

Video Resolution

On the video, the OnePlus 6 continues to offer a very solid solution on 1080p, 30 or 60 FPS, with very good stabilization and little rolling shutter. In 4 K, the stabilization is less obvious and the 60 FPS seems unstable and quickly gives seasickness.

Battery Performance

OnePlus 6 had a battery of only 3300 mAh, a little light on the paper for an apparatus of this jig. For comparison, it’s exactly the same capacity as for the OnePlus 5T, yet with a smaller screen of nearly 0.6 inches. But the energy savings of Snapdragon 845 and software optimization make the two phones very similar in terms of autonomy. In fact, you will be able to handle everyday problems, even with intensive use. In the usual scenario, an average user can reach up to 7 hours of screen on time on a very intensive test day (game, 4K video, benchmarks, etc.). Refill side, the Dash Charge is still impressive and remains the best fast charge that exists.

Oneplus 6 Price in the UK 

Oneplus 6 – 64GB £469

Oneplus 6 – 128GB £519

Oneplus 6 – 256GB £569


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