Jabra Talk 55- No Bluetooth in the car no problem

Stephen Watson
August 31, 2018

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With a generation of people who can’t live without a phone and not everyone has Bluetooth capability in your car you have an issue. I can’t miss a call but I don’t want to lose my licence what do I do?

Well, the answer was sent to us by Jabra who have been making the solution for over 20 years and we were lucky to give the Jabra Talk 55 Bluetooth earpiece a review and see if its the answer to the above question.

Using a Bluetooth earpiece stops the need to pick up a phone and stops the risk of the police catching you. When you open the packaging you are greeted by the Talk55 earpiece, charging case, 30 cm micro USB charging cable, four sets of different size ear-gels and the general leaflets you come to expect such as the quick start guide.

This is a great gadget for those that don’t have the Bluetooth technology built-in the car. It allows you to take and make calls, listen to your google maps and even connects to music so even takes the car radio out. This is a real bonus as some headsets only do the calling side but the Talk 55 allows for music as well.  All with a 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity.

Listening to music or talking calls give great sound quality thanks to the integration of synchronous connections and the enhanced data rate which in turn gives increased voice quality. What I like about the product is it also comes with NFC support for the charging case and adjusts itself to suit where you are using the product.

Compared to others on the market, the Talk 55 shines when your making calls with the sound crystal clear and speaking to others they say they can hear me perfectly this is because of the noise reduction that Jabra have designed so it changes volume depending on where you are which I think is a fantastic addition.

The downside is you will have to change this at some point but Jabra provides an alert so you can charge this up before it’s too low to use. However, it does give you 3 hours of use after a full charge but if its running low pop it inside the holder which doubles as a power bank that gives you an extra few hours of use. If you use all the charge in both the headset and charge point takes 2 hours for a full charge.

While you’re not using the device it goes into a power-saving mode which holds power so you can use this all day without any issues. Signal wise this is also a bonus with up to 30 metres of the signal. You can also pair this to multiple devices which is great for those with a business and personal phone.

I found using the earpiece fits comfortably and did not aggravate after a long amount of use so if you’re using this for work it’s perfect due to the silicone earbud and the fact you can use the earpiece in either ear.  Using the earpiece they ask you to download an app called Jabra Assist and its free to download. The app is useful which increases the functionality of the earpiece and allows you to even have your texts readout and also shows has a battery meter on the app.  The Talk 55 lets you have voice assistant and automatic volume and using the app also adjusts the volume when that mate calls with the loud volume.

So overall, for someone with a car that does not allow you to have built-in Bluetooth. This is a fantastic product with long use and a list of features which allows you to keep in contact with people while driving. Jabra has really made a quality item and for the cost of £84.99 it’s expensive but with everything you get, it’s a great investment.

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