Nokia-exclusive FIFA 13 launches on Windows Phone Store

Jordan O'Brien
July 8, 2013

Football fans rejoice, EA has brought world-famous FIFA 13 to Windows Phone 8, but you’ll have to own a Lumia phone, and those of you running Windows Phone 7.8 needn’t apply.

If you’re used to playing this game on another platform, then it shouldn’t come too much of a surprise on what it features, including 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams, more than 15,000 players and 32 true-to-life stadiums.

Whilst many Windows Phone users have complained about the lack of Xbox Live games on Windows Phone, FIFA 13 will put a stop to that dry spell, launching with full Xbox Live integration.

The app is now available for just £3.99 in the UK or $4.99 for our American brethren.

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