Motorola could be prepping low-cost Moto X with swappable back panels

Jordan O'Brien
August 29, 2013

Motorola has been slated for the high price of the Moto X, and it has already taken the criticism on-board, confirming a cheaper model is in the works. Thanks to Chinese social network Sina Weibo, we may have had our first look at what it may entail.

According to the photos, Motorola is prepping a cheaper version of the Moto X which will still have customisation in mind, but this time with inexpensive swappable back panels.

We don’t know anything about the device, but the back panels would mean that the Moto Maker would be redudant for the cheaper variant of the Moto X.

The post did reveal a little tidbit about what the device will include as well, hinting at dual-SIM capability.

If these photos are indeed legit, then production may have already started on the device — although we wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

With the Moto X not being available in the UK, it’s unlikely that a cheaper version would make its way to these shores — but who knows, Motorola has already promised that we will get devices at some point in the future.

Source: Engadget

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