Android VP Hugo Barra leaving Google for Xiaomi

Jordan O'Brien
August 29, 2013

If you haven’t heard the name Hugo Barra in reference to Android, then you’ve likely been living under a rock — given he has a pretty important job as Vice President of Product Management for Android.

Hugo Barra isn’t the first top executive to leave the Android division in the last six months, with Andy Rubin also moving onto new pastures at Google earlier this year.

When Rubin stepped down as head of the Android division, Google gave his role to Sundar Pichai, who also heads the Chrome division.

Rumours have it that Barra’s resignation was related to a personal relationship with a coworker — but no one is commenting on whether this is true.

In his Google Plus post, Barra thanked the Android team for their support through the years, highlighting Andy Rubin, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Sundar Pichai and Vic Gundotra.

Barra won’t be leaving the world of technology though, with the announcement that he has accepted a job at Xiaomi Global. According to the post, Barra will become the new vice president of the Chinese smartphone maker, in an effort to boost its growth outside of China.

Who will be replacing Barra at Google remains to be seen, and with Andy Rubin’s departure just months ago, it’s surprising to see another top executive go.

Source: Google Plus via The Verge

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