IDC predicts lower tablet shipments

Alan O'Doherty
August 29, 2013

The US based International Data Corporation has lowered it’s predictions for how many tablet devices will ship by the end of the year.

While the IDC still predicts that over 227 million units will ship by the end of the year, the growth of phablet devices – hybrid smartphone/tablets – has encroached on a market that has previously been dominated by conventional tablets. The upcoming wave of wearable devices is also a factor, with buzz around Google Glass and several smartwatch devices contributing to the predicted smaller tablet sales.

Although the IDC predicts that tablets will not dominate the market as they have in the past they are still expected to be a growth industry, with shipments to number about 407 million by 2017.The IDC also predicts that the regional distribution of the devices will shift, with a more even balance between Western markets and emerging economies as prices fall and wages rise.

The IDC also mentioned “a lack of major product announcements” in the last quarter as contributing to the revised figures. While announcements have been made regarding the upcoming iPad and iPad Mini, these devices haven’t been receiving the same attention that new wearable technology has. Whether smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear prove to be big hitters will likely decide whether or not the tablet retains the spotlight for mobile devices.




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