Leaked pics of NEX-5T and lenses appear online

Alan O'Doherty
August 23, 2013

As Sony gears up to launch their next generation NEX-5T camera next week, images posted on Sony Alpha Rumours gave us a sneak peek at the device.

The NEX line was launched in 2010 and combined the simplicity of point and shoot cameras with high performance changeable lenses. The NEX-5T range will offer a new camera body as well as several new lenses shown in the leaked photo.

The image reveals that the device will be available in at least three colour schemes; grey, white and black and that new lenses added to the range will include the E16-70ZA and the PZ18-105G.

Sony Alpha Rumours also reports that Sony will announce the release of another camera, the ILC-3000 which will include a 20.1 megapixel sensor and will retail at around £300.

While Sony’s announcement is believed to be coming next week, the exact date has yet to be confirmed by industry insiders.

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