Google Glass display producers receive cash injection

Alan O'Doherty
July 22, 2013

Google have bought a 6.3% share in Himax Display inc – the people behind the display on the Google Glass.

Based in Taiwan, Himax are a semiconductor manufacturer who have already received investment from Intel, and are planning to expand production with the latest cash injection from Google.

The deal also gives the search giant the change to purchase another 8.5% of Himax’s stock in the next year if they are happy with the company’s performance, giving them an overall stake of 14.8% in the Taiwanese firm. Himax Technologies inc (Himax Display’s parent company) currently retains an 81.5% share of their subsidiary.

Himax CEO Jordan Wu has released a statement saying “We are delighted to receive this investment and to form a strategic partnership with Google,” via Reuters. There has been no comment from Google so far on whether this latest investment might affect production or the price of Google Glass devices when they launch.

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