Smartphone camera remote to be released this autumn

Alan O'Doherty
July 17, 2013

A Hong Kong based company is on a mission to perfect the ‘selfie’ with a smartphone camera remote control device designed to interface with Android and iOS devices.

The pocket sized remote control will allow users to remotely activate the shutter on their smartphone camera, allowing them to frame and pose for pictures in their own time without relying on timer functions. The device connects to the handset via At just 6mm thick the remote is designed to be easily concealed in the hand while posing for pictures and requires no line of sight to the device.

Muku Labs is seeking Kickstarter funding to finance the development of the device known as ‘Shuttr’. The original target of $10,000 has already been reached but pledges can still be made starting at a minimum of $29. The device is set to be released in Autumn of this year.

While the Shuttr is not a totally unique innovation it is able to function without needing an app to be installed on most handsets or a cable connection. Exceptions include older versions of iOS and some Android devices including the new HTC One where installing an app will be necessary.

The Shuttr remote is compatible with all devices running iOS as well as many   Android 4.1+ devices with Bluetooth 3.0+ including the Samsung Galaxy S4 & S4 and the LG Nexus 4.


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