KFC powerbank offer with a side of wings

Manny Pham
June 22, 2016

In what is a unique PR stunt, KFC has started offering customers in India a KFC powerbank to go along with their fried chicken. Somebody order a Supercharger?

You’re sitting at a restaurant waiting for your date and as the Gods intended, your battery blinks to red as it fades into the depths of Hades, dooming you to another cycle of celibacy. But wait! You’re at a KFC in Mumbai and you decided to be a gentleman and ordered for the lady before she arrives. Your meal comes with a KFC powerbank. The day is saved!

We’d like to think the above scenario is what KFC had in mind when it launched ‘Watt a Box.’ The meal comes with an assortment of food but more importantly it also comes with a hefty 6,100mAh KFC powerbank. That’s enough to charge two high-end devices. The powerbank is also removable, so if you’re pretty fast with your fast food, don’t worry too much.

The powerbank is free with the ‘Watt a Box’ meal, priced at 150 rupees or £1.50 ($2.20). To make the powerbank incentive happen, the fast food chain partnered with Mumbai based digital agency called Blink Digital. KFC has previously worked with Blink Digital for the ‘Plate of Hope’ scheme, to feed India’s underprivileged children.

KFC Powerbank Supercharger

A tech spin on fast food isn’t new; last year Pizza Hut delivered their pizzas in boxes that could be converted into movie projectors, working in tandem with smartphones. It was available in Hong Kong.

‘Watt a Box’ is only available in India, with chains in Mumbai and Delhi currently offering the special deal. If we ever see such a deal in the UK, surely they’d pack it with the delectable Supercharger? Fast food rival McDonald’s recently invested heavily to upgrade certain chains around the UK, offering tablets and device chargers for patrons. Could KFC counteract with the ‘Watt a Box?’ We hope so.

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