An iPhone 7 live video appears

Manny Pham
July 15, 2016

An iPhone 7 live video has surfaced supposedly showing Apple’s next iPhone in action, corroborating certain rumours on the new device.

We’re seeing a lot of leaks and rumours for Apple’s next flagship device, this one is the first to show live footage of the iPhone 7, if it is actually the iPhone 7 that is. Unfortunately it’s not so clear, we’re treated to seven seconds of a video originally posted on Weibo, re-uploaded by TechTastic.

Analysing the video we can see what most of the rumours are going on about. There is a bigger camera lens with a prominent hump, its also stretched out, possibly offering a wider aperture to aid low-light shots.

We got a quick glimpse at the bottom of the device, showing off the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. The top and bottom of the device house the newly relocated antenna bands, with the back of the device clear of any tribal antenna markings.

More of the same

It still looks like the iPhone 6s in terms of body design, logo placement and seemingly, the size.

Although the video is of a horrible quality there is no chance of Photoshop wizadry. But it doesn’t add much of weight to the footage as both devices in the shot could well be fake.

The iPhone 7 live video is another leak that refuses to show off the front of the iPhone 7, fuelling more speculation that Apple has something up their sleeves, to surprise us all come Autumn.

Yesterday we saw a leak suggesting the iPhone 7 to not be that much of a power jump from the iPhone 6s.

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