iPhone 7 processor won’t be that powerful

Manny Pham
July 14, 2016

According to a Weibo post the iPhone 7 processor won’t be that much more powerful than the current one the iPhone 6s. But that’s okay. 

You’d expect a phone succeeding a predecessor to possess more horsepower and ‘oomph’ upon its announcement, it certainly will be with the iPhone 7, but reportedly by not so much.

TechTastic spotted what looks like a Geekbench test, revealing the score for the Apple A10 chip, expected in the iPhone 7. Its a single-core test yielding a score of 3,000, almost 20% higher than the 2,519 score of the A9, iPhone 6s chip.

It’s a noted improvement but far less than the 40% difference between the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s. The Apple A9X chip found in the iPad Pro beat the A10 by a small margin with a score of 3,010. Rumours were pointing to Apple upping the cores to a hexa-core processor, but the post claims a dual-core one shall be retained, as seen on the A9.




iPhone 7 processor won’t be a slouch

There’s no reason to panic as initial testing of a chipset will most of the time yield a low score as the manufacturer works out the kinks. So if this benchmark result is authentic, breathe, and take a chill pill, the iPhone 7 will probably exceed 3,000.

Apple products don’t usually boast the highest specs, because they don’t have to due to iOS being incredibly optimised for the hardware. While the iPhone 6s sports a meagre 2GB of RAM, some Android rivals are pushing out 6GB, but the iPhone 6s more than holds its own in a foot race. Again don’t worry too much about the iPhone 7 processor.

The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be announced in September, with rumours flying from every direction speculating omission of a headphone jack, dual-cameras and water-resistance. here is what we know so far on the iPhone 7. We just hope they fix the woeful battery life.

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