40% of users moved to BT after TalkTalk hacking scandal

Thomas Wellburn
July 14, 2016

Data released today by insight consultancy Kantar Worldpanel shows that 40% of users switched to BT after the recent TalkTalk hacking scandal.

British Telecom (BT) has been enjoying some pretty heavy success recently, with the acquisition of UEFA Champions League and Premier League football accounting for a big rise in the number of customers adopting their TV service.

However, according to Kantar Worldpanel, it seems like the majority of these new users seem to have jumped ship, with TalkTalk reporting a -8.3% share change in Q2 2016. BT on the other hand has seen shares rise by 7.8%, the highest out of all four major home service providers. Sales for TalkTalk have almost halved since the same period in 2015, which occurred in November last year.

TalkTalk hacking scandal definitely helped BT

TalkTalk hacking scandal

Meanwhile, BT continue to enjoy success, with sales jumping up to 30.2% and even eclipsing that of SKY, the current market leader. That said, SKY has still enjoyed a pretty successful quarter, largely thanks to the launch of Ultra HD viewing service SKY Q, which has helped it increase its distance from BT in paid television deals.

A spokesperson for Kantar said “With such a solid reputation in the market, BT has been able to tap into its sizeable broadband base and cross-sell its television propositions, using the lure of premium football content to entice customers new to the brand.”

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