Xiaomi will announce a new Redmi device

Manny Pham
July 15, 2016

A new Xiaomi Redmi device is most likely on the cards as Xiaomi are now selling tickets to an upcoming press conference. Brace yourself budget fans.

The Chinese manufacturer has just started selling tickets for a press conference that will be held in Beijing on July 27th. Conferences in China are unique as they are also open to the public, with many eager fans willing to shell out to get a proper look at their next potential daily driver. Fans can pay 199 yuan, roughly £20 (US $30) to get soak in an experience usually reserved for the press.

Which Redmi device?

redmi device

Speculation points to a new Redmi smartphone seeing as it’s about the time Xiaomi usually announces a new Redmi device. It has almost been a year since the release of the Redmi Note 3, since then we’ve seen plenty of Redmi Note 4 leaks. Actor Liu Haoran is expected to be the face of the marketing was pictured holding a device speculated to be the Redmi Note 4. The device he was holding did not feature a rear-facing fingerprint sensor, perhaps it will be incorporated into the home button instead.

redmi device

But what has been included is a dual-camera set up. Far east rivals Huawei has already used a dual-camera set up with the Huawei P9 and will also introduce it in the Honor 8. It’s looking to be the new trend this year for devices from China, but then the iPhone 7 is also rumoured to feature one and the LG G5 already sports it.

Specs wise the Redmi Note 4 is rumoured to feature a Snapdragon 652, making it more powerful than the Sony Xperia X. A healthy 3GB of RAM will be in tow and there will be a 16GB of internal memory.

It’s safe to assume the Note 4 will retain the 5.5-inch screen, what isn’t clear is whether Xiaomi will raise the battery bar again, after introducing 4,000 mAh in the Redmi Note 3. The Redmi Note 3 ranges between £130 – £140 from third party retailers, so we can expect a similarly affordable device.

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