Hugo Barra of Google says Android tablets need to improve

Alan O'Doherty
July 29, 2013

Despite the fact that tablet devices running Android hold a majority share in the tablet market, Google’s Vice President Hugo Barra today stated that “the Android ecosystem has been lagging behind”.

In an interview with The Verge Barra said that while Android devices are outselling iPads the app market has failed to reflect this, with too many Android tablet apps failing to offer a customised feel that is available with iOS apps. However, Barra also stated that this disparity is shrinking.

Over the last year Google have taken measures to improve the app situation for Android tablet devices, pursuing initiatives like setting aside a specific area of the Google Play store to showcasing tablet apps, run stories on developers via their corporate blog in a bid to encourage developers and published a checklist advising developers how to improve the quality of the apps they release.

However, despite these initiatives, over 50% of game developers still choose to release titles on iOS first, with Android lagging behind.


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