Yahoo relaunch fantasy football game

Alan O'Doherty
July 29, 2013

The Yahoo fantasy football website has relaunched, following an upgrade for the online game.

The game allows players to create a fantasy team and compete against their friends. The score the players gain is determined by how well each of the players on their team performs in real life.

Yahoo have included several new features with an emphasis on taking advantage of the ability to have the game respond to changes in sporting news as they happen. By integrating live-player news and updates Yahoo promise to have created “the deepest level of football   fantasy news, columns, player rankings, and advice from expert Fantasy League bloggers from around the world.”

The updated version is also designed to appeal to people with less expert knowledge of the game. More casual players can make use of the auto-pick feature, allowing them to let an in-built algorithm determine the best lineup for their team with whatever budget they have available.

Yahoo’s new version also aims to make the most 0f online conversation and interaction between players. Yahoo are making the most of social media allowing players to create Fantasy Football leagues among Facebook friends using Yahoo’s integration tool, as well as pioneering a real-time comments system that opens the game up to debate and opinion.


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