Huawei Nova could actually be a new sub-brand

Thomas Wellburn
August 23, 2016

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is expected to announce the Huawei Nova at IFA this year, however it may turn out to be a lot more than just another handset…

Huawei has released a new teaser for their event which will be kicking off one day before IFA 2016. The slogan “Defy Expectations”, seems to suggest a new handset launch. Analyst Xiang Ligang reported that the company could be revealing the Huawei Nova during the event, however it’s now possible that the company could be planning a new brand altogether. Chinese news outlets have reported that the Nova handset could actually be an entirely new brand altogether, rather than just a new handset.

Is the Huawei Nova just a phone?

huawei nova

The Nova device was previously expected to be aimed at women, with a female-centric design. There’s not much concrete information about what exactly this will include, but current rumours suggest a gold, metal chassis.

The additional sub-brand would mean that Huawei effectively has three different brands targeting different areas of the market. With just a week to go before September 1st, all will be revealed then. The company is also expected to unveil a couple of smartwatches at IFA, after this mysterious launch.

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