Hopstop app vanishes on Windows Phone after Apple deal

Alan O'Doherty
July 23, 2013

Hopstop, the transit navigation app that was recently acquired by Apple, has disappeared from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Though there has been no official comment form Apple or Microsoft its disappearance is likely related to Apple’s efforts to improve their own mas service after the infamous launch of Apple Maps in 2012 when hundreds of users lambasted the service for being riddled with bugs and failing to give accurate directions.

The app is no longer listed on the Windows Phone Marketplace as available to download and current Windows Phone users who have already downloaded the app are met with an error message when attempting to load it, informing them that the app is no longer supported for Windows Phone.

While the app is no longer runs on Windows Phone it does remain available for Android, making Apple’s plans for the software unclear. It is possible that Apple felt that the Windows Phone market was too small to warrant further investment to maintain the app but with Apple refusing to comment on the issue this remains pure speculation.


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