Ubuntu Edge’s crowd funding reaches 10% of goal

Jordan O'Brien
July 23, 2013

If you think that the Pebble received a lot of funding through Kickstarter, just wait until you hear how much Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, has managed to raise in less than 24 hours for its Ubuntu Edge smartphone.

Canonical yesterday released an Indie GoGo project in order to get people interested in the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone which the company’s CEO says would be the phone industry’s formula one car.

The company is hoping to raise $32 million in 30 days to build the phone, and so far it’s looking good with the company reach just over $3.3 million within the first 24 hours.

At the moment Canonical has managed to sell well over 5000 devices, despite it not having even been made yet.

For 24 hours the price of the phone was a rather reasonable $600, especially given the Lumia 1020 will set you back even more than that — although that will go up to a rather eye watering $830 after the limited time offer has run out.

The phone will feature the Ubuntu Touch OS as well as Android, although it’s not known which version.

Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge is set to include the “fastest multi-core CPU”, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage — a spec sheet that is relatively unheard of in the phone industry.

That will all be accompanied with a 4.5-inch 720P sapphire crystal touchscreen, meaning you would have to be carrying diamonds in your pocket to scratch it.

It’s certainly a mind-blowing proposition, but whether or not it can reach its final goal, remains to be seen, although it’s a device we’ll be watching closely.

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