Google Glass mind control is now a reality with MindRDR tech

Saqib Shah
July 10, 2014

New tech for Google Glass released by a third party developer allows users of the augmented reality specs to take a photo using their mind.

By combining the smartglasses with an electroencephalography (EEG) headset, the software allows users to control their device using the power of their brainwaves.

London-based start-up This Place said the tech could be utilised in high pressure, hands-free scenarios, such as during surgery.


Although Google has distanced itself from the tech and its additional headset, This Place has meanwhile released the MindRDR software for free in the hope that developers will adapt it for other uses.

“Google Glass cannot read your mind,” a Google spokeswoman told the BBC.

“This particular application seems to work through a separate piece of kit which you attach to Glass..We have not reviewed, nor approved, the app so it won’t be available in the Glass app store.”

The tech behind the EEG headset measures when certain parts of the brain show a greater level of activity.

With the headset attached to Google’s device, the wearer will see   a small window appear in the top right corner of Glass- where a white horizontal line is shown.

MindRDR ss

As a user concentrates the tech monitors the wearer’s brain activity and the white line consequently begins to rise up the screen. When it reaches the top, a picture is taken using Glass’s in-built camera.

Repeating this process will then post the image to a pre-configured social media profile.

At present, Google Glass can only be controlled via voice command or touch controls.

Although EEG is in its infancy, it is hoped it will lead to the development of mind-controlled video games and apps in the future.


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