Fresh Samsung Galaxy S7 benchmarks appear online

Thomas Wellburn
January 11, 2016

Fresh leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have appeared online, showing various benchmarks of the internal hardware.

The leaks come from AnTuTu; a popular tool used to measure performance on mobile devices. Unsurprisingly, they show a camera with less megapixels and the same 5.1-inch screen size found on the current generation S6. The processor is documented as a Snapdragon 820, which is also in line with previous rumours, though there’s a possibility Samsung could be shipping a second variation of the device with their own Exynos chipset. Internal memory is rated at 4GB, while the screen remains a 1440p panel like current-gen versions.


On paper, it seems like a rather cautious attempt by Samsung, though there are some details worth mentioning that these benchmarks don’t necessarily detail. Namely the camera sensor itself which, although is less megapixels, is expected to have a lower f/1.7 aperture . This will greatly help low-light performance. It’s also worth noting that the 5.1-inch variant is only one of an expected plethora of Galaxy S7 devices.

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