Crazy expensive Xiaomi smartphone could debut this year

Manny Pham
July 5, 2016

A $600 expensive Xiaomi smartphone could be making its way to us by the end of the year, according to co-founder Liwan Jiang. A move into premium smartphones.  

We know Xiaomi and pretty much all Chinese manufacturers produce cheap devices, with razor thin profit margins. Although cheap, Xiaomi and even OnePlus have proven capable of producing high spec products, with attractive price points.

Xiaomi co-founder Liwan Jiang confirmed to GizmoChina the company will be releasing a high priced phone this year, that will be apparently costly. If you look at Xiaomi’s previous efforts, it would be logical to think that it will be a phone to end all phones this year.

Strong past efforts

The Xiaomi Mi5 sports a Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 GPU, 3GB of RAM, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a glass or ceramic back. Its all high end specs and excellent build quality, and it will only set you back £329, whereas a Samsung Galaxy S7 will blow a deeper £549 hole in your wallet. This brings high expectation.

The new expensive Xiaomi smartphone could actually be a device to take advantage of Google Daydream, rather than a new premium handset, which makes more sense as the Mi5 is barely a year old. Huawei are also rumoured to be releasing a new device by the end of this year, to take advantage of the recently announced software from Google.

Google Daydream encompasses hardware and software components that only devices running Android N can take full advantage of. With Daydream, users can experience augmented reality, in museums and theme parks for deeper immersion into their respective experiences. Daydream has the potential to unify the fragmented world of virtual reality, with unified software, that could attract third party developers to make software for it. More info here.

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