BlackBerry to remain in UK market, exec insists

Jamie Feltham
September 26, 2013

Despite falling on tough times, BlackBerry has insisted that it will remain in the UK market, with a huge product push being readied for Christmas.

Johnathan Young,  senior retail director for the company’s UK side, has confirmed to CNET that it won’t withdraw from the UK high street. According to Young it will be “business as usual” for the firms consumer efforts, despite changes within the company like the recent announcement of its withdrawal from the consumer market. “The majority of our business, particularly in the UK is consumer. And we will continue to support that,” Young Stated.

The company is still set to launch its latest handset, the Z30, in the UK tomorrow. Young backed up statements that from here on out BlackBerry will focus on the ‘prosumer’ market, meaning those specifically out for more high-end products. Hence, the company’s products will indeed remain in our stores despite news of the US branch of T-Mobile dropping its support for the company. As for the long-term future? An offer of sale has been put forth by one of the company’s largest shareholders. It’s anyone’s guess as to where they go from here.

Source: CNET

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