HTC One’s Android 4.3 update begins rolling out

Jamie Feltham
September 27, 2013

Heads up for HTC One owners – the Android 4.3Jelly Bean update has begun rolling to both developer phones (as promised) and even unlocked devices this week.

The update brings a whole hosts of improvements for HTC’s handset, including a significant improvement to the camera’s low-light performance. Elsewhere there are upgrades to the gallery and battery indicator, while there’s also a few new additions to the Video Highlights tools, including the ability to add your own soundtracks into them. There’s also that last, most common of bullet points about an improvement to system stability. So if it felt shaky before, it should now feel… less so.

Apparently the update hit Taiwan, the company’s stomping grounds, earlier this week, so keep an eye out for its introduction around your area.

Source: Android Highlights

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