BlackBerry co-founder considering company bid?

Jamie Feltham
October 11, 2013

Add one more to the list of potential BlackBerry buyers. And this one’s a BlackBerry co-founder.

A US Securities and Exchange Commission filing apparently reveals that nobe other than Mike Lazaridis is considering rivalling Fairfax Financials bid for the company. Lazaridis helped start up the Canadian company all the way back in 1984 when it went by the name of Research in Motion. To help back the bid he’s partnered with Douglas Fredin, another co-founder of RIM. the two already own an eight percent share in the company, falling just shy of Fairfax’s 10 percent.

Lazaridis only left the company last year, but this deal would bring him right back into the fold. Not that that’s necessarily reassuring; it was partly his leadership that led the company to it’s current position. Still, it’s nice to see BlackBerry co-founders sticking up for their business.

Earlier this week we heard that a range of tech companies were also considering a big on the company, including the likes of Samsung and LG. Fairfax’s bid comes in at $4.7 billion, which is yet to be acted upon. BlackBerry has until November 4th to respond to the offer.

Source: Digital Trends

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