Android TV rises from the ashes of Google TV?

Jamie Feltham
October 11, 2013

Google TV hasn’t been the most successful outing for the company. In fact, it sounds like the concept could be in for a bit of a redesign and relaunched as Android TV.

T3 is reporting that the service could well be in for a change. Google has apparently been removing its TV branding from products throughout the year, suggesting that it’s getting ready to scrap the name. Some company execs removed referenced to the Google TV name and replaced it with the Android TV branding. Even Google TV manufactures like Sony and LG have stopped using the name. The move to Android TV would allow developers to start creating their own software for the service. In its current state, developers feel reportedly limited with what they can do.

There’s no word on when a more official announcement will be made. The idea of opening up the service to developers does sound pretty exciting to us, and we all know that Android is nothing if not open. Best to keep yours eyes on this one.

Source: T3

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