Archos GamePad 2 is official

Jamie Feltham
October 11, 2013

It was just under a month ago that the FCC outed the Archos GamePad 2, and now it’s been made official.

The new device will come with pretty much everything we reported on in September. That is to say that this is an Android  gaming tablet with 1200 x 800 resolution seven inch display. The dual-core A9 chip found in the old model will also be replaced with a quad-core one. The OS running is Jelly Bean 4.2.

But it’s the device’s controls that really matter, and Archos has worked to improved all of the buttons on its slate. The thumbsticks have been made larger and are more ergonomically designed, while there’s tweaks to the d-pad, face buttons and shoulder buttons. A range of games will be compatible with the device but, crucially, those that aren’t will be able to have their inputs designated to buttons. It’s not as ideal as button-dedicated games, but it is a neat workaround.

The Archos GamePad 2 will be hitting the US in this final slither of the year for the price of $199.99. We don’t have word on a UK release just yet.

Source: IGN

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