Apple Watch to be updated

Joanna Tatum
September 9, 2015

Apple is offering new designs, new apps, and a new OS2 operating system.

With three new watches designed by renowned watchmaker Hermes and a bigger selection of watch faces and straps, the appearance of the Apple Watch is more customisable than ever.

OS2 for the watch is also on its way.


It also has over 10,000 apps available for it, including Facebook Messenger, an audio-to-audio-and-text translation program that can handle over 90+ languages, and a highly touted medical app that is astonishingly wide-ranging.

AirStrip was created by doctors, for doctors. It can provide medical monitoring in real-time, and send messages to the doctor’s watch that has all the patient’s details including test results. It also has a scheduling function so that a doctor knows when their appointments are and who is attending.

It can also separate a baby’s heartbeat from its mother’s while still in the womb, and can even make the baby’s heartbeat audible on the mother’s watch.

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