Apple offering 0% loans in run up to Christmas

Jamie Feltham
December 2, 2013

Apple has launched a promotion offering customers 0 per cent financing on products costing £449 and above.

The company has been running a financing programme for several years but the loans usually accrue 14.9 per cent interest, meaning the total cost paid for a product is higher than it would be if paid for upfront in one go.

However from today (December 2) Apple is offering 0 per cent interest rates for ten months. The manufacturer has not said when the deal will expire, but in previous years the annual promotion has gone on until Christmas.

To apply for a loan customers must be over 18, a UK resident with at least three years continual address history, be in full-time employment (unless retired) or with a spouse in full-time employment, and have a UK bank account.

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