Will Apple block Adblock Plus?

Thomas Wellburn
June 12, 2015

Although advertising helps to make most of the online services we use free, few would argue that they can be incredibly annoying.

Ad-blocker continues to be a controversial method of blocking them and you could soon see it on iOS 9 in the future. Apple are allowing native ad-blocking support in their newly updated Safari browser, which could put third-party extensions such as Adblock Plus in trouble.

Adblock Plus head of operations Ben Williams said, “So far very little is known about content blocking extensions, available in Safari 9 and iOS 9.”

“We look nervously at how powerful their block lists will be.”

While Apple hasn’t made a big deal over the feature – tucking it away in a dark corner of their website, it will no doubt be a big hit with the consumer crowd. If the block list actually exceeded that of Adblock Plus, there could be some big shakeups for the popular donationware service.

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