Watch your back – Activation Lock finally coming to Apple Watch

Thomas Wellburn
June 11, 2015

Apple is finally bringing Activation Lock to their Watch wearable, meaning that those pesky thieves won’t be able to wipe your device and pawn it off to some unsuspecting victim.

It’s a long overdue update that many were disappointed to see wasn’t implemented at launch. Apple’s original excuse was that they wanted to maintain a simple way to restore functionality if you forget your passcode. However, it was soon apparent that this left a gaping security flaw for anyone using the wearable.

Activation Lock works by rendering the device useless if somebody manages to steal it. After the thief wipes your personal data, the watch will require that you input the Apple ID and password to continue using it. Without this in place, there is nothing stopping a thief from pairing it to their phone and using it as if they went out and purchased it. Consider that the average retail price is £299 for the cheapest Apple Watch available and you can already hear the criminal underworld rubbing its hands with glee.

The new Activation Lock feature will come as part of watchOS 2, which brings other new features such as native apps and custom background images. You can also use the wearable as an alarm clock thanks to Nightstand Mode.

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