Resistance is futile – ‘Move to iOS’ converts Android adherents to Apple acolytes

Thomas Wellburn
June 11, 2015

Moving to iOS is about to become a whole lot easier after Apple revealed a new application for migrating data across to your shiny new Apple device.

At its WWDC 2015 keynote yesterday, Apple demonstrated an application that will help Android devices transfer data to an iPhone or iPad and recommend relevant apps. Obviously, the company still doesn’t consider Windows Phone a threat, as the application primarily targets the Android user base.

According to the iOS 9 preview site, the app will let you import contacts, message history, saved photos and videos, accounts, wallpaper, DRM-free media, books and more. It will also help to rebuild your app library by suggesting alternatives to download from the app store. Any paid apps will be added to your iTunes Wish List for purchase at a later date.

Apple previously offered a transfer guide which helped users to move their data over to iOS devices, however this automated alternative is now much better. We can expect this application to ship with the new iOS 9 operating system, which will getting pushed out for release some time this autumn.

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