Burglars be gone – Myfox smart security system outsmarts crooks

Thomas Wellburn
June 12, 2015

What’s the major flaw of an alarm? It activates after the Burglars have entered your house. By the time you realise that someone is inside, it’s already too late.

Myfox wants to change this by releasing some simple smart devices paired with a smartphone application which work in tandem to alert you of intruders before they enter your house.

The IntelliTAG device sticks to your window and uses a series of sensors to monitor the glass. It’s clever enough to tell the difference between a slight knock or a crowbar smashing through. Even better, it’s all powered by a single AAA battery. The Myfox hub acts as the brains of the security system and is alerted by these sensors whenever anybody tries to break in. It also has the option of sounding an alarm if any sensors are triggered.

An included bluetooth key fob lets you disable the alarm manually when in range of the sensors. All these devices link in realtime to an Apple iOS smartphone application (Android coming soon), which gives you information on the current status of each room and alarm settings while you’re away from home.

The price is very generous, costing £250 for the starter kit and £170 for a pack of six sensors. When you consider some security systems can run up to prices in excess of £1000, this seems like a good deal to protect your entire house.

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