Twitter traps the trolls with new block lists

Alex Yau
June 12, 2015

A main problem with Twitter is the amount of bullies swarming on there. The social media has been often criticised for failing to act quickly on these bullies.

Chief executive Dick Costolo pledged back in April that Twitter would do more to crack down on this abuse and now the social media platform has made its first step: shared block lists.

Twitter block list

Users will soon be able to choose a ‘block all’ list which includes users who have abused other users on Twitter in the past.

Those in these ‘block all’ lists can be chosen by other users and, once you’ve selected one of these lists, the abusers will be blocked from appearing on your feed as well.

Whoever is in any of these lists can be submitted by other users and, once you’ve selected the list, these abusers will be blocked from your feed as well.

Twitter user safety engineer Xiaoyun Zhang said in a blog post, “This feature is yet another step towards making Twitter safer for everyone and will be available to some of our users starting today and all users in the coming week.”

The feature will be available shortly.

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