Amazon Dash grocery scanner comes to the UK

Manny Pham
July 28, 2016

The Amazon Dash grocery scanner has made its way to the UK finally, after the retailer launched a full online supermarket in June. 

Amazon are committing themselves to make it so that you never have to set foot outside, and enter an establishment made of brick and cement. Amazon has a variety of devices to make buying food and household goods easily, the first coming to the UK is the Amazon Dash.

The Dash is a small handheld device that will allow you to add groceries and products to your basket with a barcode scanner, or by commanding it with your voice. You’ll need to open the Amazon app or afterwards to make the order, with the items scanned/spoken appearing in your basket. It operates using Wi-Fi, utilising a LED scanner and an in-built mic.

The Dash is created with Amazon Prime customers in mind, making one-day deliveries even easier for those that don’t have much time to do a weekly shop. Groceries ordered through Amazon are fulfilled by in-house subsidiary AmazonFresh. Prime subscribers will have to pay £6.99 on top of their Amazon Prime fees to take advantage of AmazonFresh.

Although the service provides hourly allotted same-day deliveries, making things ridiculously easy to get the groceries you need at haste.

You can get the Amazon Dash for free right now on your second order from AmazonFresh. The offer will last until the 28th of August this year. Otherwise it will set you back £35.

Amazon Dash’s little brother

amazon button

Amazon introduced a similar simpler version called Dash Button in the US. Dash Buttons are assigned to one brand to order products from that brand only. In the US hundreds of brands have their own Dash Buttons – including Huggies, Energizer and Trojan to name a few.

No confirmation from Amazon yet about bringing the Dash Button to the UK, but we wouldn’t bet against it.

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