UK Pokémon Go player claims to have caught ’em all

Manny Pham
July 28, 2016

A UK Pokémon Go player has come forward claiming to have caught ’em all, and proving Taurus is obtainable. Is the region theory false?

Catching ’em all is fast becoming a past time we’ll be reminiscing about from our rocking chairs. Niantic’s mega popular augmented reality game has inspired people to do some crazy things from – making playing the game a day job – to quitting actual jobs to go on a Pokémon adventure. 

UK Pokémon Go player Sam Clark is the first player in the Britain – second in the world – to come forward and state his claim as a Pokémon master. Clark revealed in a video to have caught 143 Pokémon, one better than his US counterpart, who revealed his collection on Reddit.

Clark said he lost two stones playing the game, as he walked around Southampton’s city centre parks to track down all available pocket monsters. His last catch was Lapras “round the back of Primark.”

Tauros is available in the UK

tauros uk

With Clark supposedly proving you can get a Tauros in the UK, could the theory of region specific Pokémon be false? Clark’s Tauros came from an egg (a 5km egg), pointing to another theory being Tauros is not available in the wild. Perhaps only obtainable via an egg.

There is also the possibility of Clark enlisting the help of a player in the US, to sign into his account to help him obtain the Tauros. A practice that is considered cheating and could land you a few hours with a soft ban (as we found out). No footage of the Tauros hatching was made available.

However he did it, Clark has proven Pokémon Go isn’t impossible and it can have a tremendous positive effect on your wellbeing. Clark also organises Pokémon Go walks in Southampton with his Cyberjam gaming group.

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