Prisma video editing is coming soon

Manny Pham
July 28, 2016

Prisma video editing is the most notable omission from the popular photo editing app, don’t worry as it’s officially coming soon. 

Prisma has been a viral sensation since landing on iOS devices in June. Android finally saw Prisma available on the Play Store three days ago and already it has racked up over a million downloads.

Co-founder Alexei Moiseenkova has promised to introduce video editing in the app “in the next few weeks.” It will allow users to implement the funky art styles on offer to videos.

Prisma video editing will make you arty farty

Prisma is unique compared to other photo editing apps, it doesn’t simply just lay a filter over your images. Instead Prisma integrates an art style into your pictures, manipulating shapes and visuals. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to currently turn photographs into one of the 30 art styles on offer.

The app puts in serious grunt work to make your photos a work of art, using cloud based servers. Upon its Android release Prisma suffered from overloading servers, but it’s a lot better now thankfully. Whether Prisma video editing will suffer from server issues too, is another question. Prisma claims 65 million photos have been processed since its release on Android and iOS.

You can download Prisma right here for Android and iOS.

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