Mobile App Marketing Hacks to Improve Customer Engagement

Daniela McVicker
November 5, 2019

After spending countless hours working on your perfect app, it is time to launch it on the market. With more than 2 million users worldwide who use different apps, it seems impossible to develop an app that stands out from your competition. Almost everyone uses their mobile devices nowadays. According to a recent survey on ASO trends, 69% of the respondents consider that engagement will weigh more on ASO. 36% of the interviewees believe that Google Play Console will give increased and more detailed data per keyword report. Finally, 71% think that Apple Search Ads will play a more critical role.

Apart from sending messages, checking their social media, or answering calls, many people download apps to make their life easier. So, once you have created your app, you would expect thousands of downloads and millions coming, isn’t it? Your app might be perfect, look great, and have all the necessary widgets. Still, people are not downloading it, and it isn’t as successful as expected. Why? It is not enough to just create a brilliant app. You will also need to market it and let the world know about it. So, keep reading this article if you want to discover how to market your mobile app and improve customer engagement.

App Store Optimization is the key

Both Google Play and Apple Store use various factors to create algorithms to rank certain apps higher or lower. For example, ratings, tags, or screenshots can determine your app’s success. What is more, app store optimization doesn’t equal SEO. One of the determining factors that influence your app store optimization efforts is your app’s title. If you are not sure what heading you should choose for your app, there are also other apps developed to help you with that. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one example that can help you identify the terms you can use to rank your app the highest. You can also use AppRadar to select the right keywords, which make your app rank higher.  

Moreover, you should also be very careful about how you fill out the field when you upload your app in the app stores. The categories you choose for your app also play a critical role. Finally, social media is also vital to build customer engagement and authority on the market. You can select Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your app. Providing screenshots will also help you show your audience how your app works and convince them to choose it. Take a look at how Instagram is presenting its app. You can use standalone screenshots without adding any additional background, images, or text.

Here’s how Snapchat shows the unique features they offer

According to the latest statistics, in 2019, so far, the most influential search ranking factors are the app’s name and localized product page. Icons and screenshots have also been identified as the most influential conversion rate factors.

Build an enjoyable user experience

If you want your users to download your app heavily and recommend it to others, you need to create a pleasant and straightforward experience for them. People don’t have much time to spend nowadays. This is one of the reasons why they choose to download several apps. They need apps to help them save time and solve their needs.

What makes users determine if they had an enjoyable experience? It starts with the installation process. When your customers can install and use your app, then your success is guaranteed. If they find that the installation process becomes difficult, they will immediately give up your app. The worst-case scenario is that they will switch their attention to the competition.

For example, you can allow your users to login using their Facebook or Google accounts. Therefore, you will make the onboarding process a lot easier and increase your number of users. In addition, the navigation process should be very intuitive. Users don’t like to read instructions to be able to navigate through your app. So, the simple the navigation process is, the better the customer engagement will be. 

Use your imagination to create engaging push notifications

If you want your app to be successful, it should become part of your users’ daily routine. You can do it by being creative with push notifications. For example, you can send regular reminders to your users to engage with your app. Or, you can send them personalized messages and information about an updated feature. You should keep in mind that a person goes, on average, through 150-200 mobile moments every day. Thus, you shouldn’t ignore this feature. For example, you can use geolocation-based notifications and inform your users about your products when they get closer to the area where your store is located. If you are developing a bank app, then you shouldn’t ignore the transactional push notifications.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to how persistent you want your notifications to be. When you become too pushy, you risk determining users to uninstall your app. Therefore, you should consider factors like frequency, content, and time of the day when you send the notification. You mustn’t annoy your customers when sending push notifications. They should receive them with enthusiasm and curiosity instead. You can do this by working with professional writers. So, you can check some of the best writing services reviews or websites ratings and choose one that suits your needs the best.

Remember that you compete with dozens of apps for user’s attention


Improving customer engagement requires attention to various elements. When a user decides to download your app, this means that he expects it to solve a critical need. Therefore, he won’t want to spend time reading navigation instructions or have difficulties in installing and using your app. He just wants to download it, use it immediately, and solve his need. In case any of these elements fails, the user’s attention will shift instantly to the competition. So, working on creating an engaging user experience, simplifying the installation process, and personalizing push notifications as much as possible will ensure your success. 

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