loveit coverit launch competition to find out the nation’s guilty pleasure songs

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November 5, 2019

One of the market’s largest phone and gadget insurers, loveit coverit, have launched a competition focused on discovering their customers’ guilty pleasures, with a £60 Spotify voucher up for grabs for the lucky winner.

The mobile phone insurance company is asking customers to admit their Top 3 guilty pleasure songs, along with information about how they listen to music. The winner will receive a £60 Spotify voucher to – in the words of loveit coverit – buy themselves some better music.

This is part of the wider Changing World project, a continuous research piece which identifies areas where smartphones have had a major impact on modern life. In this case, examining the decline of traditional music formats against the rise of smartphone technology and music streaming services.

The research provides an in-depth look at multiple aspects of the discussion, assessing the positive impacts that smart technology has had on the music industry and the way we listen, as well as some of the negatives. This includes looking at the gradual decline of music retailers and how the increase in streaming use has reduced their sale shares significantly.

For example, in 2018 alone, 91 billion songs were streamed worldwide, resulting in the biggest year ever for streaming platforms. By comparison, CD sales in the UK dropped by 23%.

The competition and research are supported by quotes and insight from a range of industry experts. This includes members of the British Phonographic Institute, the official body for the British music industry, as well as the CEO of Primephonic, a new streaming platform focused on classical music, local radio managers, and up-and-coming musicians. loveit coverit approached each of these in order to better understand how technology has changed the music scene across the entire spectrum.

The page also features a timeline of how music habits have changed over the past 50 years, as well as independent advice, guides, and resources for anyone interested in the subject.

The loveit coverit competition and report can be found at

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