How Smart Tech Can Relax Your Pets This Bonfire Night

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November 5, 2019

With bonfire night just around the corner, we’ll be looking to wrap up warm and go in search of the best views to catch the fireworks. However, it can often be a frightening experience for our furry friends. In fact, research from smart home experts Hive revealed that over a quarter of us (27%) dread firework season because of the stress it causes our pets, resulting in 42% of pet owners often staying indoors on Bonfire night because we feel guilty or anxious about leaving our pets.*

For those pet owners wishing to strike a balance between joining in the season of gun powder, treason and plot, but also keeping an eye on their precious pets, there are many ways in which smart technology can help – so both you and your four-legged friends can enjoy your evening.

1.       Comfort your pet from afar: It can be difficult to make sure your pets are safe and happy if you’re out for the festivities. Smart home cameras, such as the Hive View Smart Indoor Camera, allow you to stay permanently connected to your animals wherever you are. The two-way audio function allows you to speak to your pets from afar – so if they are not enjoying the fireworks, you can sooth them through your phone, or if necessary, rush back to comfort them!

2.       Play a pet-friendly playlist: Music is a great way of distracting your pets from the loud, uncomfortable sounds of fireworks. There are several different playlists available that aim to relax pets and what’s more, this year Classic FM will be hosting a pet-friendly special broadcast to help keep your pets calm when the fireworks go off. Hive Active Plugs allow you to switch appliances like radios on and off from your smartphone. So if you are planning to head our yourself, make sure to tune your radio to Classic FM, and then when the fireworks kick-off, use the Hive app to switch on the radio from afar – allowing your pet to chill out to their favourite tunes.

3.       Keep calm with colour: Whether you’re a human or a doggo, chromotherapy (colour therapy) has been proven to help improve calmness, and even reduce blood pressure and anxiety levels. With Hive Lights, you can turn on your lights and control the brightness of your pet’s room, dimming the lights for a calm, cosy ambience all from your smartphone.

4.       The smell of home: Some scents have the power to reignite memories and remind us of home. Prepare a number of your most-used sprays and plug-in fragrances to turn on with Hive Active Plugs, helping your pets feel at home before the fireworks begin.

5.       Bring the party indoors: Sainsbury’s have recently banned fireworks sales from all UK stores. If you’re looking for another way to celebrate bonfire night, why not consider hosting your own indoor light show for your pets and guests to enjoy? With 16 million colours for you to choose from, the Hive Active Colour Changing Light Bulbs are ideal for getting the party started, so your pet can enjoy a firework show of its own without the scary noises.

* The Hive study was conducted by OnePoll in October 2017, across 1,000 respondents

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