How a Smartphone Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Travis Meade
November 7, 2019

As a writer, you do not need to have a pen and notebook to note down your stints of inspiration. Chances are high that if you have your pen and paper, you will also have your mobile device with you. But, this should not bother you much as you are not any less of a writer. Nonetheless, no individual wants writers’ cramp. Mobile devices and tablets have been garnering unfair stereotypes in the past few years, more so for authors. Most people view them as being redundant and distraction tools. But, there is a reason why smartphones are popular and are now fundamental tools in the day-to-day life of an individual.

A significant percentage of the older generation presumes that mobile devices, as well as other modern technology tools, harm the intellectual skills of an individual, making them think less and spend more time on useless things such as funny internet clips and social media. But, instead of fighting against the influence and widespread use of smartphones, why don’t you use your mobile device to enhance your writing skills as you have it all the time with you? You are not that different from an expert if you choose to hone your writing aptitudes using a mobile device instead of a typewriter. After all, typewriters also had different views back then.

So, consider the following ways to learn how to improve English writing skills using your smartphone.

Apps can make your writing better

Many people view writing as an overwhelming and tiresome task. Hence, they often wonder how they can go about them. Well, if you are one of these people, you do not need to worry about anything. There are tons of excellent English writing skills app you can use to keep you on track in your objectives of writing. These include Vocabology, Evernote, Popplet, and Dragon Dictation among others. These apps can help you in various ways while managing your writing tasks. For instance, Dragon Dictation can help you jot down the ideas you are having trouble with on paper.

Read grammar blogs

There are various grammar blogs on the internet that you can read to hone your English writing skills. These blogs contain useful information which you can use to enhance your grammar. For instance, you can learn how the writers bring ideas to light and make their articles as appealing as possible. Also, you may learn how they get to use different words and phrases, thereby making their papers attractive. These tips can come in handy while you handle your writing assignments. To get these grammar blogs;

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You do not need to create some time from your busy schedule to read educational blogs. You can do it anywhere: in queues, public transport, or in elevators. Keep your phone close to you and get to learn more English grammar.

Time your writing sessions and track your progress

If you are stern about honing your writing skills, you will have to identify and develop a writing routine that works for you. Additionally, you will have to improve your time management skills. Using a time-tracking app such as Toggl can help you identify your most productive period and what you spend most of your time on during the writing process. So, set reminders you will follow when you have to begin writing until you adapt to your ideal writing routine.

You can check examples of Grammarly good articles

Another technique you can use to improve your writing skills is checking examples of grammarly good articles. There are several articles you can find online when you seek essay writing help from professional and reliable paper writing companies. These are papers written by professionals who have been in the writing industry for over a decade. They know how best to approach different assignments as well as making them as unique and interesting as possible.

Reading their articles can help you learn about the various ways you can approach and handle your writing tasks. Additionally, you can get to learn about new grammar that you can use to better your writing aptitudes.

Use grammar-checking software

Most instructors, when reading your assignments, often look at your use of grammar. And as a person looking forward to improving their writing skills, you are in the cards of having several grammatical mistakes in your paper. So, how can you improve your grammar to perfect your writing skills? Well, with the help of the best English grammar app, you can identify and correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes in your paper.

However, you should not rely on these apps to improve your grammar. This is because they can miss out on writing errors and flag the correct text. Instead, use them to help you identify the common mistakes in your writing thereby helping you to enhance your writing skills.

Use notes in your phone

You can also improve your writing skills by using the notes on your phone. The notes you jot down during your studies or in class can come in handy when you want to augment your writing skills. You can refer to them to remind yourself of something or get an idea that you can use to better your writing. So, instead of using your phone to understand the latest trends or socialize with friends, use it as a learning tool.

Gain inspiration through social media

There are several writing groups online which you can be a part of. These groups contain professional writers who are experts in the art. With their help, you can develop and improve your writing skills hence become an expert as well. So, use social media to gain inspiration. Follow instructors, publications, writing groups, and authors. This will grant you access to invaluable resources thereby enabling you to have a wealth of inspiration with you. You can get to learn about new and beneficial writing tips and techniques, depending on whom you follow.

Use writing services

Academic writing services can also help you in immense ways if you are looking to better your writing aptitudes. Services such as PerfectEssay have professional writers who can provide you with tips and guidelines that you can use to perfect the art. Additionally, they can provide you with samples of their work that you can use to gain some professional writing techniques.

Advanced English dictionary and thesaurus

Having an advanced English dictionary and thesaurus can also help you improve your writing skills. This is because it can help in double-checking each word that you are unsure of when typing. Also, you can use it to learn new words and vocabulary as it provides you with other suggestions that your phone does not have.

But, you should not anticipate immediate results as the learning process will progress in a gradual manner. You may write messages in your day-to-day communication without errors.

Listen to educational podcasts

Educational podcasts can also help in honing your writing skills. There are various grammar podcasts which you can use for your writing needs. But, these depend on your writing level. Nonetheless, educational podcasts are one of the easiest ways to use your mobile device to learn grammar since you will not need to have a physical interaction with them. Using earphones will do it in a perfect manner as it makes it possible for you to do your English writing practice in various situations. Listening to these podcasts in a repetitive manner will enable the grammar to soak in without you noticing.

Consider skype lessons

Skype lessons also come in handy when improving your writing skills. But you will have to pay for them. Nonetheless, a personal tutor is one of the most worthwhile investments when it comes to boosting your writing skills. However, you need to ensure that you select a professional or an expert. This is because you will not have to wait for them when you get your first results. Your grammar will improve in less time. Additionally, you do not need to have a computer r laptop to take up Skype lessons as you can do it from your smartphone. You will only need to install the Skype application.

Visit reliable resources

As aforementioned, writing services can help you in various ways if you are looking forward to bettering your writing skills. Their professional and enthusiastic team of authors can provide you with tips and guidelines that you can use to perfect the art. Additionally, they can give you article samples which you can use to improve your writing aptitudes. But, you need to ensure that you seek help from a professional and reliable essay writing service such as Edujungles. These services can help you combat all your writing challenges as well as meet all your writing necessities. Thus, whey you seek their help, you will not have to worry about anything.

In conclusion, writing is a cumbersome and exasperating task for many people. This is because they lack proper English writing aptitudes. But, that should not worry you. With the help of your smartphone, you can improve your writing skills in various ways. However, some people view mobile devices to be tools of distraction and superfluous. But, you should not fight against this. With the tips and techniques in the above discussion, you can improve your writing skills with the use of your mobile device. So, instead of using your phone to learn about the latest trends and what goes on in the social media world, use it to hone your writing skills.

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