Managing Dissertation Writing With Different Apps

Gregory Aldridge
November 7, 2019

Dissertation writing is not as simple as writing a narrative. You need to conduct extensive research and dig up as much information as you can before you begin the writing process. Furthermore, your writing ought to be meticulous in an exceptional manner. For instance, you would not want to imagine how many students land in trouble for submitting work full of plagiarism. The deadline you have to complete your assignment does not matter. You can compound your problems further when you submit your work late because of various reasons, such as procrastination or poor writing skills. But, this should not bother you much. There are numerous writing apps that you can use to manage your dissertation assignments.

These apps can help you to save time as well as enable you to make plans and organize yourself. Additionally, there are free tools that you can use to conduct your research, check your work for errors, boost your productivity, and enhance your vocabulary. So, when your professor tasks you with a dissertation writing assignment, you should not worry about the much effort, time, and focus you will have to dedicate to it. Below are some of the techniques you can use to manage your dissertation writing assignment with different apps.

How to write an excellent dissertation

The first step in writing an outstanding thesis is comprehending what the task requires of you. Doing so will enable you to plan your time and look for credible and reliable sources with ease. So, before you begin the writing process, ensure you understand what the assignment necessitates of you. Take your time and search for credible and reliable sources of information to use on it.

Divide the work into ten equal parts

A dissertation is a lengthy task that requires your utmost attention, time and effort to producing a good paper. And for you to handle it with ease, you will have to partition it into small manageable parts. So, consider dividing your work into ten equal parts. This will help you to find the information you are looking for with ease. Additionally, it will enable you to have much time to work on each part of your task.

Create a plan and deadline for each part

After partitioning your work into equal parts, consider creating a plan and timeframe for each. Use the various outlining apps to draft an outline that you can use to gather the points for each part. And while at it, ensure that you set a deadline for each part. Do not spend too much time on a particular part and less time on the other. This is because you will have to spend more time working on the whole assignment. And if you are not aware, the deadline may come to pass, thereby making you forward your paper late hence affecting your overall academic performance. So, ensure you set a deadline you can meet on every part.

If your deadline comes soon, ask for help

However, at times, you may have too many assignments to work on, or your professor may task you with a dissertation task and expect you to deliver it within a specific time frame. And since you  are not able to do so, you may wonder how you will go about it. Well, this should not worry you much. With professional help from a reliable research paper writing service, you can deliver your assignment on time. These services have experts who are excellent at meeting deadlines. They can help you manage your task and deliver it before the set deadlines loom in. Furthermore, their papers are original and of high-quality.

Make work notes in Evernote

Now that you comprehend what the assignment requires of you and you have an outline, you now need to make work notes. Making notes is a fundamental aspect of academic writing. Human beings tend to forget things. Thus, it is crucial that you have a tool such as Evernote. This writing tool is one of the best apps for students as it is compatible with mobile devices as well as computers. Its vitality is that it helps you to create a note and save it includes screenshots, photographs, and web pages that you will require for later use.

Use Google Scholar for research

Google Scholar is also one of the fundamental apps for writing that you can use to conduct research. This tool grants you access to tons of articles written by professionals. But, there may be instances when the owners of these publications would ask for some pay. Nonetheless, there are some other dissertation helpers whose articles are free to use. Also, there is a citation functionality which you can use for your particular writing and formatting style. You only need to navigate the ‘cite’ link, and it provides you with options to choose from.

Check plagiarism on TurnItIn

After writing your dissertation paper, you need to revise and edit it before forwarding it to your academic instructor. Additionally, you need to ensure that it does not contain any instances of plagiarism. So, after writing and revising your paper, use a plagiarism-checker tool such as TurnItIn to eliminate any cases of copy-pasting. Instances of plagiarism can land you in serious trouble with your professor as well as the school. So, use this tool to ensure that your work is plagiarism-free. You can also use a grammar-checker tool such as Grammarly to correct all the mistakes you may have missed during the writing process.

In future, add dissertation to your resume

In the future, while you are out and about looking for a job, you may wonder why you are not receiving any calls. Well, this may be because your resume does not stand out from those of other applicants or it is below the expectations of the hiring managers. So, you may begin wondering what you can do about it. Well, adding a dissertation to your resume can come in handy. Incorporating a dissertation in your resume can make it stand out from other applicants thereby boosting your acceptance chances. So, seek professional help from ResumeThatWorks and let their professional team help you out with incorporating a dissertation to your resume.

Manage every task in Asana

While managing your dissertation assignment, distractions may come along the way, thereby inhibiting you from completing it on time as well as reducing your productivity. Thus, you need to use a writing app that can help you focus and work towards completing your assignment. And the best writing tool that you can use to manage your task is Asana. Asana is an efficient management tool that you can use to stay on track regardless of distractions, which may come along the way.

Save progress in Google docs

Google docs are one of the free writing apps that you can use to manage your thesis assignment. It is one of the apps you may think of as an alternative to a word processor. Google docs contain all the functionality and capabilities you require to write and format your dissertation. Additionally, it allows you to work on the same document with other people. So, while you are writing your paper, another person can be editing and revising it. And you can save all the progress you make.

Use Todoist

Todoist is a free time management app that you can use to manage your time well when doing your assignment. It allows you to set deadlines for each portion of your dissertation creating process, and it will remind you of them before they loom in. Using this app to manage your dissertation assignment will enable you to stay on track or focus on plans which await you.

Keynote can be very useful

When you have to present something in class or lead a discussion, you may wonder how you will do it since you do not have your laptop with you. Do not worry. Keynote can be very useful when in such a situation. This app is more or less like a mobile PowerPoint. It allows you to design and display your presentations from any mobile device. So, you will have nothing to worry about when you have to lead a discussion or present something in class as you can do it from your smartphone.  

Proofread your article or give it to professionals

Now that you are through with the whole paper writing process, you now need to proofread your article. Go through it to ensure it complies with all the writing requirements. Ensure that your paragraphs have a logical organization and flow in a smooth manner. Also, ensure that your paper is free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Some of the grammar-checker and plagiarism-checker tools may miss out on some of these mistakes. Hence, you need to reread your work to ensure it is error-free.

You may also tire out from the writing process, thereby finding it hard to proofread your paper. So, consider seeking help from an expert in a reliable service that can do an essay special for you. They can help modify your writing and make it error-free.

In conclusion, writing a dissertation is a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Additionally, you need to conduct a lot of research to garner credible and reliable information. And since there are penalties for submitting articles full of plagiarism, you would not want to risk it. So, how can you manage your dissertation assignment? Well, there are various apps which you can use to manage your tasks such as the ones above. Utilizing these apps can help you produce a top-notch dissertation.

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