7 Tips for Selling Old Electronics Online

Abby Drexler
November 6, 2019

Technology has made it possible to do many things ranging from chatting to shopping. As time goes on, technology continues to evolve and reach even greater heights. However, that means you’re going to have to replace your current piece of technology with a newer version.

But parting ways with your old electronics can prove to be difficult. Selling your old electronics is most likely your best option, however, there are a few things you need to know first.

Look For a Reputable Site to Sell

Before you can start selling your outdated gadgets, you need to find somewhere you can safely make a profit. Since you’re selling online, there is a multitude of websites, but not all of them are safe. Some websites use their business as a way to scam people out of their merchandise as well as their personal information. Websites such as Amazon or other reputable sites are the perfect place to sell because they’re well known and are very secure.

Offer a Reasonable Price

Once you’ve found where you want to sell, the next step is coming up with a price. Although it is very tempting to charge a hefty price for your old electronics, it’s best if you start off small.

Truth be told, there are people who collect old electronics as a hobby and some are even willing to pay any price, especially vintage ones. But if you’re looking to sell something that’s still relatively recent, then charging a high price isn’t a wise thing to do. Start off small and see what offers you get.

Speak Nothing But The Truth

Similar to how setting a high price is tempting, so is fabricating a description. Many people do this when their old electronics are either starting to malfunction or just broken altogether.

They’re afraid that giving even the slightest notion that it’s not working the way it should will put customers off. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If there is one thing that customers want and appreciate, it’s honesty. Whether it’s broken or starting to break, customers can simply use it for parts.

Keep Your Privacy Private

If you’re selling an electronic that was used to store personal information, you need to delete it right away. You don’t want to sell a device that has your personal information on it. The person you sell it to can use it to steal your identity or hack into your bank account. You can delete everything from the device at once by going into the settings and formatting the system.

Presentation is Very Important

As with any sale, it’s important that you present your old electronic properly. Even if it’s something small like an old phone, if you present it right, then you’re going to have more offers than you expected.

Make sure to add lighting to the pictures of the electronic and the image is crystal clear. If you’re presenting it in a video, make sure the sound quality is good and the angles are right.

When You Should Start Selling

Some people may be confused as to when they should sell their old electronics. The moment when you realized that you no longer need or want it is when you should sell it. There’s no need to keep something if it’s no longer of use to you. It’s important that you remain proactive when it comes to selling electronics online because the price of electronics actually start to decrease in their worth as time goes on.

Aim For The Highest Offer

Despite the price you have set for the old electronic, some people may actually offer more than its actually worth. When it comes to selling, you want to make as much as you can get. If you have an offer that’s higher than the average price you set, go for it. But make sure to do a background check and to verify it first.

Selling old electronics online isn’t as cut and dry as it appears. It is a process that takes a little bit of patience and planning to pull off. In addition, you must also stay vigilant about who you’re selling to. You don’t know who is buying your old device on the other end, so it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to prevent a disaster.

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