The Evolution Of Mobile Internet From 3G To 5G

Steve Martin
November 8, 2019

The hunger games of wireless technologies have finally stepped to another generation of networking. You can never stop at a point when it is about innovations and techs. From the last few decades, the internet has continuously been evolving with better versions of itself.

While people are still shocked over the advancement of a communication platform, science stuns the world with a surprising and futuristic invention. You will never be able to overlook how knowledge and education are dealing with all eras of the internet. Nowadays, a single pause you bring in communication with the latest modernizations, and you will feel everything steeping far away.

What Technology Is 5G?

The 5G, as known to many, is the fifth generation of wireless mobile internet technology. It is a modernizing joining that is emerging with features of faster data downloading and uploading. It is now establishing broader network coverage and stable connections among electronic devices. Under 5G, you will find progression in every field that can link to science one way or the other.

After the launch of this generation of mobile internet, more devices will connect with the world easily. More connections will lead to a better understanding of the world that is still unknown. The 5G network is going to operate in millimetre waves in some areas that have a shorter range than microwaves. With this innovation, the data rate has increased in bundles as compared to the previous versions of internet technology.

The first country to launch 5G on December 01, 2018, was South Korea. However, different retail stores have now taken a step towards proffering 5G devices on a budget via online promo codes and relatable vouchers. With these advancements towards the new world, let us give a revision to the beginning of the mobile internet before proceeding further.

Going Back To The History Of Mobile Internet

If you bounce back to the history of mobile internet, 1970 is the year where it started. With the launch of the first mobile communication system, the terminology ‘cell phone’ came into being. Later then, the first generation was developed in 1981, after which generations started to evolve into better forms.

Besides this, mobile phones themselves have reached this level after a bunch of advancements, betterments, and changes you will always know. Phones back then were operational basing on analogue technology. With time, digital systems emerged and overtook analogue systems in 1990. After the digital system launch, things changed into futuristic inventions, and every gadget started to develop towards its betterment.

Mobile Internet From 35 To 5G

The wireless mobile connection from the third generation (3G) to the current generation (5G) is unbelievable to ordinary people. Every generation has its drawbacks and loopholes, yet there are significant points that highlight how the world has changed into robotics and humanoids.

While the first-generation (1G) was reliant upon the analogue systems and would only support voice calls, second-generation (2G) evolved with digital modernizations proffering the feature of text messages. The 3G, 4G, and 5G are generation launched after these two and familiar to everyone. If you are yet unknown to their differences, find out how the internet is emerging for a long time.

What Is 3G Technology?

This era is a packet switching evolution for the world. After the launch of this version in 2001, people were able to access data from any corner of the world in the form of data packets. In this generation, international roaming became possible for you.

The connectivity was four times faster than 2G, which further became the basis of video conferencing and video streaming. In 2007, iPhone7 came into existence, and network capability jumped to the impossible with significant turns. You cannot overlook this era as it entertained people with the feature of 3D gaming.

This technology further modernized to 3.5G and 3.75G before the 4G came to you.

What Is 4G Technology?

The fourth-generation (4G) took its first step in 2009 and was known as the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G Standard. It is the current era of the internet for the world as 5G has just entered into the world of networks and communications. You will know this version as a better version, which led to faster mobile internet access, 3D televisions, cloud-computing, high-quality gaming services, and video conferencing along with high-definition videos.

The two most essentials standards that came up from 4G are LTE and WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). You may not be known to WiMAX as it is a telecommunication technology that one utilizes for the broadcast of wireless data. The latest tech phone is always backwards-compatible, so 4G phones effortlessly operate on 3G as well as 2G phones. This version of the mobile internet continued to evolve into 4.5G, 4.9G, and finally came up as 5G.

Advancements And Betterments Made With 5G

The world of 5G is where you can get in terms of the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). It brings you three new aspects to the internet era.

  • Higher speed that can move more data
  • Lower latency that will assist in being more responsive
  • Ability to connect more devices at once

Now that the world knows 5G, you may understand how your mobile phone is an IoT in your pocket, as said by Kevin Ashton, the first person to coin the concept of the Internet of Things back in the 1990s.

For today, we hear news about Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets and devices like refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and automobiles, etc. Further promises of 5G will take the world from internet banking to internet healthcare and much more.


After the lengthy discussion on all of these generations and technologies, you can understand how every generation has been playing its role until the current era. Nonetheless, every aspect of internet evolution will always remind you about the growth of mobile internet from third-generation (3G) to the fifth-generation (5G).

There is much more to the future you will see after drones, robots, and artificial intelligence because the internet and technology are modernization, the world will always keep working on, not to step in the future, but to live in it.


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