Top 5 smartphone Apps (April 11 – April 18)

Thomas Wellburn
April 18, 2016

Mobile gaming is only a fraction of what we do with our smartphones and it’s true that app use is a lot more prolific. On top of our top 5 gaming feature, we’re also starting a top 5 weekly smartphone apps, in the hope that you guys can discover a few hidden gems.

We’re bringing back the top 5! Here’s our pick of the five best smartphone apps this week!

Veera (iOS only)

Price: Free

Veera plays on the idea of viral networking with the idea of sending ‘strains’ across the user base. It’s possible to share image, video, text and links as a strain, which are then sent to 10 random users across the network. When these users receive the strain, they can share it themselves or dismiss it. When this happens, the cycle of 10 random users is repeated. With an excellent modern design and simple interface, it really is an excellent take on the traditional social media model.

MightyTV (iOS only)

Price: Free

Turning the idea of TV browsing into a Tinder style matchmaking game. The aim is to swipe through a bunch of TV shows while a unique combination of algorithms, machine learning and personalisation works out what you like and dislike. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’re discovering some of the best that the internet has to offer. Supporting all of the big outlets such as Amazon TV, Netflix and Hulu (in the U.S.A), it has all the potential to be a huge hit.

Media Converter Plus (iOS only)

Price: Free

Media Converter Plus is another addition to the many conversation applications out there, but it has some features that make it stand out from the competition. There’s various filetypes supported and full Dropbox support, plus the ability to play files inside the app with the dedicated player. You’ll also be able to edit the metadata, so you can name the audio files in-app without them coming up with stupid names such as ‘’.

Android N Preview (Android only)

Price: Free

As Android N continues to go from strength-to-strength, so too does the version number. Google has recently pushed out a new V1.9 update for the launcher preview which includes updated graphics and various bug fixes. There’s also fresher app icons and lots of other minor refinements worth checking out. What’s more, since it’s a launcher and not the compete Android N install, you won’t be risking a bricked device in the near future.

Sugar Rush (iOS only) 

Price: Free

Sugar Rush is a unique take on healthy eating that allows you to effectively track the sugar additives in your food. Simply scan the bar-code of a product that looks dodgy and be amazed as the app pulls various bits of product information regarding sugar content and the ratio of added sugars to natural sugars.

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