Kito+ is a unique take on fitness peripherals

Thomas Wellburn
April 21, 2016

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Health trackers always seem to come in a pretty predicable package; it’s either a wearable or something along the lines of a tool that attaches to your skin in some way. Kito+ represents something a little different, as it resides in a case and measures your health through the fingers.

Setup is a breeze with the Kito+, simply pop the reader into the case and then attach it to your smartphone. Currently, the only versions supported are iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s plus models. Build quality is fairly standard for what is essentially a rubberised case and we wouldn’t exactly call it protective. The Kito device slots into a cut-out in the middle, where it will stay pretty comfortably once the iPhone is in place.

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Then it’s a simple case of hitting the button on the back to turn it on and downloading the Kito application. After connecting them both together, you place your fingers (not thumbs!) on the metal conductive pads on the rear of the case. From there, Kito+ will begin measuring various vitals and relaying the information back to the application. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of information it captured, showing everything from blood oxygen to skin temperature and even ECG readings. It’s then possible to store this data and share it with other people, so you can compete with friends or just let the family know how your health is.

In terms of the application, things are incredibly simple. You’ve got a breakdown of your readings on a very minimal background and very little else, but it helps to make it feel intuitive and easy to use. Battery life is also excellent, with the Kito+ lasting a long time in testing. The only problem is the charging method, which feels a little flimsy with the included attachment. All in all, a useful and quirky fitness tool that is pretty unique in the market.


A unique take on the traditional fitness peripheral, the Kito+ offers a lot of features typically reserved for fitness wearables, all in a handy smartphone case.

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