The Sennheiser CX Sport – A Disco in the Gym

Stephen Watson
July 30, 2018

So, my last review of some Sennheiser headphones I covered the M2 IEBT Momentum and have not put them down since due to the great sound and style. I did mention that the only downfall was using them in a sports environment and it was brought to my attention Sennheiser was one step ahead and have created the CX Sport. Now, these are the first attempt at a workout headphone and showcase a sweat-resistant in-ear design and at £119 they are a little cheaper compared to the M2’s. Now just like my go-to pair they also have Sennheiser award-winning earphone design and sound.

So, when they arrived I was excited to look at these and give them a try.  So, you first see the blue and white box that you come to expect with a brand like this. Once I opened the box and took everything out we had an array of goodies such as:

The Instructions, Micro USB charging cable, black plastic shirt clip, Branded Zip Pouch, Extra black Silicone Ear tips, Extra Wings in Bright Yellow.

The Headphones are of a Yellow and black design. With the company logo displayed on the cap of each earphone.  You then notice the cable linking the headphones has 2 components one being the control panel made of 3 buttons and the charging point which is covered by a little rubber cap.  and the other with the brand logo printed my guess this is the battery. Both are spaced perfectly to prevent imbalance.

The Wings are marked with the sizes Small, Medium & Large and the headphones are marked so you know which one fits in which ear (L&R). I found the varied sizes useful as my girlfriend who helped test these finds some earphones a challenge due to her ear shape but managed to get the perfect fit meaning passive noise isolation and more secure fit meaning a better performance. The added inclusion of the cable clip stopped any real movement so when having a real season in the gym stopped any bouncing which might bother some people.

The Bluetooth quality allows making a call very simple and the sound is perfect just like the M2’s. The microphone was good at taking away background noise which is great when fitness meets a call.  The battery life for these headphones lasted for about 7 hours even though in the instructions it said 6 hours, so I was very happy with that and charging takes about 30 min to get to full charge. These headphones also come with an App called Captune which allows you to customize playback but if I’m honest I only use these with Spotify so could not really see the point of downloading the app.

So overall, I would be happy to use these regular when I got the Rocky Theme tune while boxing in the gym (come on we all do that don’t we?). The cost £119 is a little high for some but it’s not a bad price to pay for a quality pair of wireless headphones for sports use. As some others that do the same can cost a little more such as the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 that cost £230.  So, this first attempt at a sport focused headphone is great and personally, I think they have nailed it. My only issue is now I have two fantastic sets of headphones what to use?

Available from Sennheiser @ £119

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