The Adonit Snap2 stylus – Review

Paul Lipscombe
July 31, 2018

The Adonit Snap2 mobile stylus landed on my desk this week and I was given the chance to see what it could do.

The last time I had used a stylus for any sort of device was on my Nintendo DS many years ago, so it was quite cool to use one again.

This specific product is only designed for the iPhone and compatible from the iPhone 6 and up. As an Apple user, I was curious to see how well it works.

Looking at the packaging of the product it says it’s designed with the purpose of taking selfies or photos, which is something I do often.

Setting up the Adonit device is simple, just turn on the stylus and connect via Bluetooth through your iPhone and pair to the device ‘Adonit Snap2’ in phone settings.

The next step comes as you’re about to take a photo, just press the button on the stylus and it can take photos for you. You don’t need to awkwardly try and reach out to press the camera button on your iPhone but can instead press the button on the stylus which makes it very simple to operate.

I was amazed at how well it worked and also how simple it is. Plus it would be a lot cooler and less obvious to carry around than one of those ridiculous selfie sticks.

The Stylus can also be attached to the back of the iPhone with a magnet to avoid losing the pen which shows just how much thought went into this product.

The ability to use the stylus to play around with any photos taken is also pretty cool and can allow you to be creative.

In terms of price it’s available for around £29.99 on Amazon and if you’re regularly taking photos then it would be a good investment.

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