Snakehive presents The Pastel Collection – Embrace the Joys of Colour

Stephen Watson
August 1, 2018

Available from £24.95 and available at

Here at What Mobile we recently covered Snakehive’s Vintage collection well they are back with the Pastel Collection which is made up of eight beautiful colours and styles which make us think of the enchanting hues of summertime London.

Snakehive has carefully developed this range to bring unique stand out colours to suit a range of takes but also made sure they did not cut corners and miss out on the high-quality craftsmanship and quality you expect with a brand like this. Each case has three useful card slots and also a larger compartment for notes and the added feature of a built-in stand, so you never miss out on your favourite show or the one everyone is talking about!

As you come to expect from Snakehive these cases only use the finest leather which gives you style and protection but at a price that is affordable. The leather used also is resistant to wear meaning your case looks great all the time. The Pastel Collection like the Vintage collection allows for you to personalise the case using their hot foil press you can get your initials printed making this a great gift for someone you care about.

The Pastel collection is available in Peach, Mint Green, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Sky Blue, Lemon, Blush and Porcelain. The cases ranges from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony & OnePlus.  Prices start from £24.95 and are available on

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